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Welcome to Fyrestorm Creations!
Please be patient with loading speeds as the pages are heavy on graphic content. 

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Now Featuring Blythe Doll accessories
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Besties Pendants
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Brand New! Tree of Life Jewelry
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Themed Charm Bracelets

Sushi Bar


These are my signature pieces.  Just about all of the other item on this site are spin offs of these themed Lampwork Style Charm Bracelets

Simple Bracelets for Kids and Adults

Adult and Child sized Simple Bracelets

Child Size

Adult Sized

I've tried to match themes with the adult bracelets - So, mother-daughter bracelets are possible.
I don't recommend these bracelets for children under 3.  They have small parts and are very chewable.  Children should be supervised when wearing any jewelry.

Stitch Markers and Altered Crochet Hooks

Farmville Themed Markers



Hand crafted stitch markers.  These are a must for amagarumi and knitting.  Most of the markers are shown for knitting, but can be converted to crochet.  Just pick your preference when ordering.

Pregnancy and Birth Related Items

Breast Feeding Pendant


I have had quite a bit of feedback from a giveaway I am doing on the Woman Uncensored blog.  So, due to popular request, I am adding a Pregnancy/Birth related section to this site so you can purhase all the items you've seen in giveaways and in the gallery.

Wine Charms

Pac Man Wine Charms


You know the put your glass you can't remember which one it is.  With these little whimseys on you glass, you'll always know you have the right one.


Elephant Earrings


Got a favorite animal or character?  How about a pair of one of a kind earrings to show off your devotion?

We would love to hear from you with special requests, custom orders, questions and comments.

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